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How to get to home page or
Why and how to pass moderation of pitches
You need to pass moderation to get to the home page of the Icopitch website.

Moderation of pitch is a verification of information, plan and presentation of your pitch by Icopitch experts.

The main focus is on the topic of pitch: how it fits the broadcast schedule and how it corresponds with audience's preferences. It is unlikely that our experts will allow you to post a live broadcast from your party on occasion of the Hard Cap of your project on the home page.

Companies that have passed verification can send their project for moderation. Our administrators manage this process: they check companies, their reputation and participants, conduct video calls and if everything is ok, they give out blue check marks.

You can send a request for verification of your account. Our administrators don’t miss any letters and will certainly reply within 24 hours.
Icopitch​ is a​ ​live​ ​streaming platform
for cryptocommunity with a focus
presentation and live communication
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