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Help in pitch preparing
Our mission is to help teams to show project benefits to investors, and investors to save time on studying projects and their news. That’s why we help teams to prepare for a pitch provided that two condition are fulfilled:
- project team shares our principles in work;
- pitcher is one of the project founders.

Choose service package suits you best

FeatureFree1 BTC2 BТС
Audit of presentation++ +
Design of pitch cover +++
Pitch on home page after moderation (1 time) ++ +
Useful materials for preparation for pitch ++ +
Structure and text of presentation ++
Design of presentation ++
Test run of pitch and recommendations for pitch improvement ++
Pitch on home page after moderation (4 times) ++
Personal technical support of pitch (personal assistant from technical support service) +
Closed pitch of project for partner-funds (3 at your option) +

In case of any questions and suggestions contact us.
Icopitch​ is a​ ​live​ ​streaming platform
for cryptocommunity with a focus
presentation and live communication
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