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How to get additional rating for project - ICO scoring
Icopitch cooperates with starshade.io company.
Rating helps users to choose a promising project and teams to attract more investors.
The rating is given due to 10-point scale from 1 to 10. The project is evaluated on 15 criteria.

1. Assessment of the exchange attractiveness of the token
1.1 Token type
1.2 Restraint upon growth of the token market rate
1.3 Blockchain's role in the project
1.4 Ability of the team to act as a market maker

2. Assessment of the team, consultants/advisors and partners
2.1 Advisors
2.2 Team
2.3 Participation of team members in the project’s development
2.4 Partners

3. Assessment of the market potential of the project
3.1 Competition
3.2 Scalability
3.3 Marketing strategy
3.4 Media Outreach

4. Assessment of the level of the project preparation
4.1 Project readiness
4.2 Financial plan
4.3 Cybersecurity

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Icopitch​ is a​ ​live​ ​streaming platform
for cryptocommunity with a focus
presentation and live communication
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