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About us
Icopitch​ is a​ ​live​ ​streaming platform for cryptocommunity with a focus presentation and live communication. We help startups to report about their project and news, and investors to save their time on studying the project and to learn the most important news first. We want to make the most convenient streaming platform for crypto community in the world. If you know people who need in our help, please contact us.

Why switch to Icopitch?


Icopitch is a streaming platform for cryptocommunity

Live communication

Icopitch is a live communication with founders or experts


Icopitch selects projects and checks them based on formal features
How to get to home page


Icopitch helps teams to create interesting and useful pitches

Cross-streaming (soon)

Icopitch live broadcast is designed simultaneously for three platforms: icopitch, youtube and facebook


Icopitch gives an opportunity to "sell" the idea to every third listener

What can you do with Icopitch?

Pitch projects, news, releases of the company

Promote yourself and your project for free

Plan pitches for the next month

Find pitches of interesting projects

Invite team members and advisers to the project

Help the best projects and teams
Icopitch​ is a​ ​live​ ​streaming platform
for cryptocommunity with a focus
presentation and live communication
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